Why Frankincense?

A Christmas Day Sermon: One of my favourite things to do is burn frankincense. I started this whilst living in Egypt and enjoying it in the Coptic churches. All the way through the Old Testament, the priests would burn incense. And somehow this represents before God the prayer of the people. Even today in many... Continue Reading →

O, my Lord, forgive

I used to nurture bitterness, To count up every slight. The world’s a moral wilderness, And I have felt its blight. Self-pity ruled, resentment reigned; No one understood my pain. I spiralled down in murky night, Insisting that I had the right To hate and hate again. I am ashamed; O, my Lord, forgive. But... Continue Reading →

Hello Baals

Idolatry is alive and well in the world today.  We can too easily scoff at our alleged 21st century sophistication when we consider the claims of idolatry in the Bible, but idolatry is around us everywhere and in us all the time.  I recently described idolatry as anything that de-centres God from the place only... Continue Reading →

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