If Jesus carried notes from his Vision Statement….


  • Be born in weird circumstances
  • Flee a murderous king
  • Argue with scholars at 12
    • And be a little bit above your station with your parents!
  • Become a carpenter for 30 years
  • Get baptized by your cousin John
  • Go into wilderness and be tested by satan without eating or drinking for 40 days
  • If successful begin ministry…
  • Call ordinary people to your side
  • Re-interpret the Bible like you know what you’re talking about
  • Assume you are the fulfilment of the promises
  • Heal people of all sorts of sickness and disease
  • Never catch the sicknesses or diseases yourself
  • Walk on water (frighten the life out of those in the actual boat)!
  • Talk to demons; silence demons
  • Kill the pigs and curse the figs

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