One Step Enough for Me

I am reading John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua, which is to say, as intellectually stimulating as it is and as he is, this Anglican turned Catholic turned recently canonized Saint, is very demanding (thanks Tony)!!! Anyway, I came across a poem he had read after following up on another thing, and came across a... Continue Reading →

Wednesday: Trust

Below is my script for Pause for Thought on BBC Radio Devon: As my daughter and I were recently watching Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book,’ she snuggled in as the snake began his manipulative charm on Mowgli, singing, “Trust in me, just in me…’ Even she could see his sinister intent! So far this week we’ve... Continue Reading →

Sleep as Trust

I offer the poem below that I have stumbled across recently, not as one who finds sleep easy but one who doesn't.  That means, given the poem's content, I struggled to wrestle with the starkness of some of the comments.  I think the point is true to all poetry, that we do not get lost... Continue Reading →

Stop Forcing Me To Do Evangelism!

Christians should be encouraged in their gifts and then their “evangelism” as it happens naturally in the lives, their circles of influence, etc, would become a joy and not a burden.  It would be natural, not forced.  I’m afraid the office of “evangelist” has got bad press down the years, and from what I’ve often seen, rightly... Continue Reading →

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