Your Christian Life

I've been re-reading Mike Reeves' brilliant little book on the Trinity called 'The Good God, enjoying Father, Son and Spirit' (just check out the reviews on Amazon for proof).  His conclusion is short and succinct enough to warrant popping it here, in the hope that people will be inspired enough to get his book, read... Continue Reading →

Captured by Love

This wonderful "Confession of Faith" can be found here at Michael Hardin's 'Preaching Peace' website. We confess we have been captured by love – the constant source of the universe, Father, Son and Holy Spirit Jesus has captured us for freedom. In his truly human life he was God among us, crucified by us. God... Continue Reading →

Mission and Bosch

Below is a brief refelction I wrote a few years ago of David Bosch's outstanding Transforming Mission - paradigm shifts in theology of mission. Bosch's work has been given the highest praise, with such eloquent descriptions as immense, great, comprehensive, magnum opus, summa missiologica and magisterial, among others, for his book Transforming Mission.  This is... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Merciful and loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we open our hearts before you now. We repent of our sins. Our praise and worship make no sense unless we are repentant. We confess to you faithful God, our sins in thought, word, deed and nature. We confess freely and boldly. We are a redeemed... Continue Reading →

The Holy Spirit

"The Spirit of God has various roles, and it is a mistake to magnify one of these over all the others. The Spirit is active in creation, as is also the Word or Logos. He is at work in revelation, opening our eyes to the significance of what God has accomplished for us in Jesus... Continue Reading →

It’s a Mystery!

A few years ago I was actually on a mission trip (somewhere in the Middle East), with actual third year ministers-in-training.  I walked in to the coffee room and joined a conversation about the Trinity.  It was all very exciting. No sooner had I sat down and reached for a biscuit, when I heard that... Continue Reading →

Change the Script

 Most of us love stories.  I was read to as a child.  When my dad was on shore leave from the Navy we had a gluttony of stories (mostly the classic fairy stories, but it was because dad was reading that it became an event)! Stories are scripts!  They can be about anything, teaching us... Continue Reading →

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