Reversing Screwtape: Pride

2. Pride Screwtape attends now to the believer’s pride.  A pride that displays itself in naivete about oneself and contempt for the ordinary collection of people in the church. About oneself, Screwtape writes,  “He has not been anything like long enough with the Enemy (aka God) to have any real humility yet.  What he says,... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons to Read Romans (part 1 of 2)

The recently deceased scholar Prof. Anthony Thiselton has written a wonderful little book (2016) called Discovering Romans - Content, Interpretation, Reception from the 'Discovering Biblical texts series. In the opening chapter he suggests eight reasons why we should read Paul's marvellous letter to the Romans. I will outline the first four here and the second... Continue Reading →

Trinitarian Relating

Guest post by Theologian Dr Rob Knowles, responding to questions in a Theology Group from 2014. This post explores the problem of polarized debates and how to avoid them. First, regarding the description of your stance within the church, then it is clear that you rightly wish to avoid the problem of polarized debates and... Continue Reading →

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