That’s Not Right!

Sermon: September 6, 2020 watch here. “That’s Not Right” Luke 13:1-5 (and 12:54-56; 13:6-9) My first two years of Secondary School were at a Boys Boarding School.  It was also in the days when kids had milk at school.  We had those 1/3 pint bottles.  But sometimes the bottles arrived early and so were left... Continue Reading →

The Church is a Mystery

Whilst I was digging around in some church history today, I came across this nugget of Eusebian observation: "As the third century drew to a close, the tensions within the church were becoming more explosive.  Eusebius looking back on the situation as he had seen it as a young man could write, 'But when as... Continue Reading →

The Movements of Sin

"The people encountered in pastoral ministry today are sinners. But they don't look like it, and many of them don't even act like it. They rather look and act and feel like the youth they admire so much, struggling for "identity" and searching for "integrity." A quick theological eye that is able to pick up... Continue Reading →

Take Me To Church

My youngest son (17) brought me a CD for my birthday recently (a minor miracle in its own right), and was very interested to know my thoughts on the song 'Take Me To Church' by Andrew Hozier (aka Hozier). I was very impressed with the CD overall, the thoughful lyrics and quality of music (I... Continue Reading →

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