The Curse and the Crown

Easter Sunday:  ‘The Curse and the Crown’ Glory be to Jesus Christ who has rescued us from sin and death.  Today is Easter Day, it is the greatest….. Day in world history.Fact of world history.Benefit of world history…… Jesus was dead but he is alive. And Christians today are the witnesses that stretch back nearly... Continue Reading →

Understanding a Mystery

Israel or Palestine – where is it heading? A sermon by Richard Matcham based on Romans 11:25-36 “Lord I pray that the raw nerves and thin shells this topic will likely touch upon, will enlarge the capacity of us all to engage truthfully with the text and the world, and challenge us to be contentedly... Continue Reading →

Resurrection Changes Everything

“Resurrection Changes Everything” A Sermon: First Sunday after Easter Luke 23:50-56 & 24:1-12 Resurrection changes everything! Resurrection grabs the attention like nothing else. Resuscitation is possibly good news for a brief time; Resurrection is Good News for eternity. Resuscitation may bring us back to humanity temporarily; Resurrection brings us to God for ever. Resurrection is... Continue Reading →

Bare Meetings

Below is a section of a Charles Spurgeon sermon from 1856 (he was only 22 years old)!! The sermon is based on a text in Habakkuk 3:2 "O Lord, revive your work." I am putting on this blog because it sounds a little.....familiar don't you think? Once you're done with laughing out loud, you may... Continue Reading →

Killing the Pulpit

Peter Taylor Forsyth refers to the Sacrament of the Word as the distinctly Protestant Sacrament that invests the pulpit with dignity. In an 1885 sermon, he bemoaned the tendency of his age to depreciate the power of the spoken word. He cites fellow preachers who bemoan their Sunday Sacramental duty, contemptuously attending to Sundays when they would... Continue Reading →

The Place of Israel – by John Stott

May 15th is the anniversary of what the Palestinian people (Muslim, Christian, Other), call 'Al Nakba' meaning 'The Catastrophe'. The day in 1948 when Israelis declared independence before systematically and brutally removing indigenous people from their ancestral land, beginning what we know as today, sixty-six years later, as 'The Israeli-Palestine Conflict'. Below is a sermon... Continue Reading →

A Growing Church

1 Cor 3:1-15; Col 2:19 and John 15:8,16 I distinctly remember it was Jesus who said, “I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” (Matthew 16:18). Even so, we live in a global business age of organisation, efficiency and profit, and there are thousands of books on growth. ... Continue Reading →

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