Unmasking our own self-deceptions

3. Subtle Exclusion Disguised by Self-Deceptive Rhetoric: ‘Climbers’ Third, worse than stigmatising by naming would be discriminating structures of judgement and exclusion cloaked or disguised by a politically correct rhetoric about inclusion or about ‘attempts’ to be inclusive. This is where somebody is sinned against, but the rhetoric denies it. In other words, ‘politeness’ replaces relationship and... Continue Reading →

Labels as manipulation

Labelling as the Very Definition of Manipulation First, there is the clue of self-deceptive and manipulative ‘labelling’ of others. For example, if a congregation member writes a letter about an issue to the church leadership, and they are either ignored or labelled as ‘God’s awkward squad’, then an attitude of superiority has been assumed. If the... Continue Reading →

How not to be a pig or a dog

The Choice: Self-Criticism First, or, “Pigs and Dogs” So, it is largely an absence of self-criticism that Jesus is largely attacking in Matthew 7:1-6. For if, in the case of ‘honour’, we lift up the other first and ourselves second, then it is the other way round with criticism. We are to criticise ourselves first,... Continue Reading →

The Wall

It occurred to me in the last few days that there is a comparable situation between two unlikely events, that can end up producing similar outcomes. At the turn of the millennium, I was a YWAM missionary, first training in the UK then in the Middle East.  Part of my own research and study involved... Continue Reading →

Self-Awareness as Discernment

Below are the teaching video's of the great spiritual writer Richard Rohr, as he explains the Enneagram and its implications.  Wonderful stuff, and a few hours WELL SPENT.     Here is the superb book that gave rise to the lectures. And here is the link to his website, The Centre for Action and Contemplation. And... Continue Reading →

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