Christianity Builds Me

Guest post by Dr Rob Knowles: How is belief related to desire? "We may indeed want to believe in something, and therefore believe in it. Thus, for example, we want to think that we are good, righteous, not that bad, better than average, not as bad as so and so, morally more advanced than Daily... Continue Reading →

Atheists Take Note (this Easter)…

Top 10 tips for atheists this Easter This is a re-post of Dr John Dickson's excellent challenge to Atheists to up their game in their critique of Christianity: There is a dissonance between Christ's "love your enemies" and Moses' "slay the wicked". Atheists should drop their easily dismissed scientific, philosophical or historical arguments against Christianity,... Continue Reading →

Civilization and Culture

The distinction between culture and civilization is acute indeed, even I missed it and I was trying to pay attention! I needed help to see and when I picked up Terry Eagleton's Reason, Faith and Revolution, by mistake I might add (I was trying to get to another book), I couldn't put it down and four hours... Continue Reading →

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