Damn Good Reasons Not To

Theologian and Pastor Peter Leithart, President of Theopolis Institute offers his reasons over at First Things for not having a Covid Vaccine amidst this "surrealist drama" we find ourselves in. Excerpt: "...Besides, the experts assuring us the vaccines are safe are the same experts who have dissembled and lied throughout the pandemic. They exaggerated the... Continue Reading →

Apologetic Resources

Here are just some of the great resources I’ve found over the years, and here they are in no particular order (compiling this short list here does not necessarily mean I wholly subscribe to all the associated groups or persons' theology, just that they have some very important things to say that are nevertheless, worthwhile and valuable):... Continue Reading →

Moral Idiots

Towards the end of his brilliant and devastating critique of contemporary new-atheism, David Bentley Hart writes, of professional academics:   "Admittedly, I am still talking about only a small number of particular individuals here, and those manifestly moral idiots.  Living in the academic world, moreover, I am acquainted with their kind to a perhaps unhealthy... Continue Reading →

Reason re-claimed!

Quoted from Slovenian Philosopher & cultural critic Slavo Zizek's brilliant book Living in the End Times: "We should rehabilitate Tertullian's (in)famous credo quia absurdium ("I believe because it is absurd"), which is a misquotation of the key passage from his On the Flesh of Christ:  "The Son of God was crucified: I am not ashamed - because it is... Continue Reading →

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