Realities not prejudices

Proportionality and Restored Dignity vs. Hatred and Degradation Second, God judges ‘each one according to his ways’, which means that justice is proportionate. A firing squad is not appropriate for cheating on one tax return or even on several. Amputating limbs is not appropriate for stealing a loaf of bread or even several. Excommunication is not appropriate for... Continue Reading →

Held by Love

A few years ago when I visited Cambodia with a team from church, I read Mike Higton's excellent but demanding little book called 'Difficult Gospel - the theology of Rowan Williams'. It really is full of profound insights and commentary and hightly recommended. I re-read a bit of it today (pg. 17-18) and share it... Continue Reading →

Resurrection Changes Everything

“Resurrection Changes Everything” A Sermon: First Sunday after Easter Luke 23:50-56 & 24:1-12 Resurrection changes everything! Resurrection grabs the attention like nothing else. Resuscitation is possibly good news for a brief time; Resurrection is Good News for eternity. Resuscitation may bring us back to humanity temporarily; Resurrection brings us to God for ever. Resurrection is... Continue Reading →

Theatrical Withdrawal

The shocking thing about suffering is not that it happens, but that we are shocked when it happens.  The suffering can of course take many forms: bereavements, illness, chronic sickness, depression, pain, cold and flu, to name but a few! Although there is a place for time alone, space to think and pray, why is... Continue Reading →

Stop Faking Grace

T. S . Eliot once wrote, 'humankind/Cannot bear very much reality.'  Not that people hate or despise reality, or that people constantly pursue reality, but that, in the end, too much reality, about ourselves, the world, God, is all just a bit too much. It is especially the Ultimate that is a problem for people:  God.  Prayer.... Continue Reading →

Really Real

"Today, I came home to a real fire burning in the grate and enjoyed a splendid real apple pie topped with real cream whilst watching a reality TV show about the virtues of real ale, followed by a rather intense conversation with a friend.  He shared whether his sense of being followed the other night... Continue Reading →

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