Recapture Me

Fleeing what I do not know, I flee to where I cannot go.  Recapture me. The bridge between my heart and mind, you come across myself to find. Recapture me. You come and knock on imagination’s door, you come to show to know you; Is what eyes and ears are for. With ears that hear... Continue Reading →

Middle England Jesus

Middle England Jesus   If Jesus were born in England He’d be I think lower middle class Beloved of grass roots politicians But still some crisp sophistication And know when to use a white wine glass He wouldn’t splatter ketchup across his mile high tea He’d know to break, then butter bread And when to... Continue Reading →

Clown Europe

Call them what you want, Asylum seeker, migrant, refugee; But see, a face that looks like me. * Watch them flee from land and sea, Shining out from our latest HD TV. Packed in boats and rafts; Longing for half a chance. * Despising even the rank air they breathe. No room to move or... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Boy

What joy you gave, from pain so deep; A miracle in progress, a work of art! Flesh of my flesh, not quite but still, You may as well have been. Goodbye my boy! * * * Sometimes a year comes and goes, Lost to the mists of time, forgetful minds and ordinary lives. But 2014... Continue Reading →


Distracted! Not attracted, distracted!! Ah!  These modern days, we're so busy. We distract ourselves with microchip and 4G; We always think it's all about me. I'm multi-tasking; I'm so modern. That flicker of light, our mobile we delight!   We pick up up everything, Before us, and in us. We reach, we pick up, we....distract... Continue Reading →

Jesus – the Fisher of Men

Ballad to the Fisher King by Eugene Peterson (in Holy Luck, p.74-5): Pete and Andy and Jack and Jim, sailed in sturdy ships.They were fishermen who plowed the sea, while curses flowed from their lips.Heigh ho to the Fisher King, Heigh ho; Heigh ho to the Fisher Christ.The world for them was stuff to grab, the sea... Continue Reading →

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