The Spirituality of Preaching

At a 2009 Baptist World Alliance Conference in Holland, David Coffey delivered a paper called 'Truth on Fire' and offered 7 dimensions that any budding preacher must integrate; serving also as a reminder to experienced preachers of what is important. The warning he offers, serves as the rubric for seeing what the 7 dimensions are trying to... Continue Reading →

Against Self-Sufficiency

I have finally laid my mitts on a veritable gold mine - A. C. Thiselton's Systematic Theology.  There will likely be many snippets from this surprisingly little book in the future, so here's the first one, concerning 'Theological Principles Relating to Ministry': "The most profound of a number of principles concerns the mutuality or reciprocity... Continue Reading →

A Pastoral Ministry Parable

Parables are a fantastic truth teaching tool.  Jesus spoke in parables nearly all the time, and contrary to popular belief, it was not a "plain speaking" so the ordinary and the simple could understand easily (even though they could), but rather, it was coded language hidden in the every day ordinariness of things we all... Continue Reading →

Being a Pastor

"I only care about pastoral ministry as a servant of the gospel. As human work it stinks. On the level of positive and negative consequences, perseverance in this behaviour cannot be explained or justified. As a tiny part of the mystery of God's love in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, at work in... Continue Reading →

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