Sabeel-Kairos 2019 Conference – a celebration of Palestinian culture, solidarity and action

Below are the details for the upcoming Sabeel-Kairos Conference which I commend to you, and published here with permission: Sabeel- Kairos Annual Conference: Faith in Action 2019 Our annual conference will be held at 10am-4:30pm on Saturday 29th June at Carr’s Lane Church in Birmingham. £30 including a buffet Lunch Book and Pay Online Here.  Book and Pay by Post, download... Continue Reading →

Zionism Unsettled

Zionism Unsettled produced by Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (website here), released one year ago in January 2014, is a great resource for Churches working towards a more healthy and hopeful  understanding of the terrible situation between Israelis and Palestinians.  PDF flyer here. One blogger, a Rabbi no less, Brant Rosen, calls... Continue Reading →

Israel-Palestine in Perspective

Three really excellent sermons by Rev. Dr. Alasdair Black of Stirling Baptist Church, relating to the Israel-Palestine problem, given during the recent bombing campaign of Israel on Gaza.  They are entitled, 'Putting the Israeli-Palestine Conflict in Perspective.' Click here to go to the church web site or go straight to the sermon below  27 July... Continue Reading →

The god of war

Ares, the god of war, lives! And his children Fear and Terror have made Zeus a grandfather! He rides the earth on his war chariot with his lover, Discord! He is a foul impostor on the earth, a god of unimaginable suffering and pain. Men flock to his side.  They cheer him and throw flowers... Continue Reading →

A Room Called Gaza

We are a big family and we owned this beautiful house with stunning land all around. We've had many neighbours from all over the world down the centuries, not all of them have been good to us, but most have.  Suddenly, one day, one violent day almost 70 years ago now, when I was a... Continue Reading →

Gaza: A UK Jewish Perspective

Robert Cohen has written are very helpful and personal account of what this current Gazan crisis means for him, as a Jew in the UK.  Below is the full copy of the article he wrote on Tikkun Daily. Robert himself blogs at Micah's Paradigm Shift and I recommend a look. Like me, Robert went to Israel/Palestine... Continue Reading →

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