The Drugged Baby

THE DRUGGED BABY – a poem by Gralefrit


The Lord says to me, ‘Fight the fight’

Give up your right and step into the light.

Pick up your cross

Lose all that dross

Count it all loss

Again I say, ‘Pick up your cross.’

‘But Lord’ I stutter, ‘there is no way’

‘I must speak and have my say

What about my human right

To choose whether to pick up my cross and fight?’

The orphan and widow; the sick and poor

What will you say when they knock on your door?

‘Come in’ says I,  ‘I’ve a great speech to give!’

‘But only speak life’ they say, ‘we want to live!’

Human rights can be human wrongs

But the question is, for whom do you long?

‘You say you long for me,’ declares the Lord, ‘you even bend your knee’

But my Spirit knows when you don’t want to see.

A baby has been born this very day

Her mother’s on crack, she has no say

You had the call to provide a way

A way to make her life pay.

This new born baby, will you take her in?

Into your home, out of life’s bin

Will you take her, a gift from me?

To show her my love and help her to see?

‘Yes Lord, I will pick up your cross

and answer the door.

Let her invade our home our hearts

But only if you invade my heart and make it your home!’

I accept the call, this gift, this poor drugged up broken baby girl

To love ’til it hurts and then some more

To see her break free of drugs and pain

And pray all the while that in Christ, a new life she’ll gain.

Glory to Christ

I accept your gift.

Amen and amen.

(c) Gralefrit 2014

Met with Mercy


I was met with mercy.  And so sings the entire Christian  community with every new day.  “I was met with mercy” – when my heart was hardened against God, when I was following my own path of sin, when I loved my sin more than I loved God, when my sin had led me into sorrow and misery, when I had gone astray and couldn’t find the way back – it was then that I was struck by God’s Word, and I heard:  God loves me.  It was then that Jesus found me; he was with me – he, and he alone – he comforted me and forgave all my sins, imputing none of my evil to me.  “I was met with mercy.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christ’s Love and Our Enemies – A Sermon, 23rd January 1938

Jeremiah the Clay Pot


The mercy of God is exquisite.  The judgement of God is a wonder to behold.

Have you ever read Jeremiah 18 of the time when God tells him to go down to the potter’s yard and wait to see what God will say?  Whilst there, the potter shapes the clay but it goes wrong, so the potter collapses it all down into a big formless lump and starts again.  This is a picture of divine judgement on God’s hard-heartedly wayward people just before the Babylonian invasion of 587 BC.

But here’s the sweetness of it: Even when God collapses a person or a people down because they are ‘marred’ with sin, remember, His hands are still all over you, shaping and forming, never giving up, working his purposes out, creating for Himself a people as His own treasured possession.  I find it helpful to remember that judgement serves salvation, and whatever stage I am at in my life, God’s hands are all over me, shaping and forming.

Doesn’t it make you want to sing?

Click below for the full sermon.

Jeremiah 18

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