Going Back to God

The actuality of the Gospel call to repentence is very simple to understand, yet it is often only understood simplistically. There's a lot to say about it as a fact, but that fact has several elements to it, so here's the first one, as I make the distinction between do-ing and being. It is the... Continue Reading →

Luther Rap

To good not to post! 31st October-Reformation@499 LYRICS: Martin Luther's the name, but don't confuse me with the King I was just a simple man working on my law degree I was on the road home, and what did I see? Thunderbolt of lightning very very frightening me I was terrified, so I prayed to... Continue Reading →

The Rise and Fall of God

Ascension Day: ‘The Rise and Fall of God’ Luke 24:36-53 (Acts 1:4-11) Ascension Day! I know, I know, most of us are like: Say that again! Most of us who have been Christians for some time now and heard of this strange thing called ‘The Ascension of Jesus,’ but, if truth be told, we treat it like... Continue Reading →

How do you pray?

Martin Luther was taking a break from the Reformation (like you do) and decided to get his hair cut.  His barber asked him a question whilst he sat there under the blade, "How do you pray?"  - the great reformer wrote a forty page response to his 'lowly' questioner. Here's a snippet: "A good clever... Continue Reading →

Stop Faking Grace

T. S . Eliot once wrote, 'humankind/Cannot bear very much reality.'  Not that people hate or despise reality, or that people constantly pursue reality, but that, in the end, too much reality, about ourselves, the world, God, is all just a bit too much. It is especially the Ultimate that is a problem for people:  God.  Prayer.... Continue Reading →

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