God Alone Suffices

Nada te turbe, Let nothing disturb you, nada te espante Let nothing frighten you, todo se pasa, All things pass away: Dios no se muda, God never changes. la paciencia todo lo alcanza, Patience obtains all things quien a Dios tiene He who has God nada le falta Finds he lacks nothing; solo Dios basta.... Continue Reading →

Terror Darkness Waste Murder

"Like a tragedy, [the life and crucifixion of Jesus] stirs up pity and terror in us.  Like a tragedy it requires us to contemplate the world’s darkness.  Like a tragedy, it draws attention to waste.  It shows us a life that need not have been extinguished being extinguished, without particular malice, by the normal processes... Continue Reading →

Love Never Fails

Many people will be in despair and hopelessness.  Asking:  Where is the hope in the midst of such unusual events worldwide?   The Apostle Paul said that ‘Love never fails’ (1 Cor 13:8). He went on to say, “these three remain: faith, hope and love.  And the greatest of these is love” (v.13).   I’ll... Continue Reading →

Transfigured Love

"I must learn in this life to accept the fact that hunger and restlessness are part of what I am made for.  To love God is not to acquire the biggest and best gratification of all but to have my whole experience of love transfigured. Instead of the manic struggle to fill the gap in... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Grace

Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch! How can loving you hurt so much? You came; we saw; you conquered - us. But we have to give you away. Ouch. It hurts boy. But you have been a joy. A treasure, heaven sent; But we knew the time was short, For you, to us, were lent. A bundle, given... Continue Reading →

Captured by Love

This wonderful "Confession of Faith" can be found here at Michael Hardin's 'Preaching Peace' website. We confess we have been captured by love – the constant source of the universe, Father, Son and Holy Spirit Jesus has captured us for freedom. In his truly human life he was God among us, crucified by us. God... Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Kiss

To kiss my daughter on her wedding day was the sweetest thing.  One of the greatest days ever (thank you Canada); one of the sweetest kisses ever (thank you God) - the most beautiful girl in the world. Jon:  Love her!

Aliens Are People Too

Do you remember when E.T. first came out? It was literally a block-buster! And rightly so, what a great film that finally proved, once and for all, that aliens existed in our universe! I never really doubted – did you? To be terrestrial is to be related in some way to earth – as distinct... Continue Reading →

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