Before My Time

I was recently chatting to someone in my family about various things, and in the course of the conversation they mentioned a singer from the 1950's that they remembered their parents listening to. Now, I forget who the singer was, but when I said I hadn't heard of them, I got the reply, "Oh well... Continue Reading →

The Daily Slaughter

550 so secret, so nifty, Per day in the UK? Yeah I suppose, is that OK? Never heard, never seen; But Oh my God, those called into being but have never been. My body, my choice; Their body, no choice. The human is sacred, So why do we degrade it? We think we’re just material... Continue Reading →

A Saint, A Wolf & Covid-19

What follows is my extended script for a BBC Radio Devon Pause for Thought planned for Sunday 19th April 2020.  It is a fascinating truth-containing fable of the 13th century involving a famous Saint and an infamous Wolf: St Francis of Assisi and the Wolf During the early 13th century, we meet an extraordinary figure:  ... Continue Reading →

Invited Into Christ’s Life

"Although it is commonplace in some circles to talk about "inviting Jesus into your life", it is more appropriate to turn the invitation around the other way because, in fact, it is Jesus who invites us into his life. The essence of the Incarnation is that Jesus has entered into solidarity with humankind in ways... Continue Reading →


Distracted! Not attracted, distracted!! Ah!  These modern days, we're so busy. We distract ourselves with microchip and 4G; We always think it's all about me. I'm multi-tasking; I'm so modern. That flicker of light, our mobile we delight!   We pick up up everything, Before us, and in us. We reach, we pick up, we....distract... Continue Reading →

Humanity Complexity

I love this (and almost all the cartoons) by the brilliant Australian cultural critic and cartoonist Michael Leunig. The diagram below looks like a normal day for me.  How about you....?  

Choosing Life in Suffering

One of life's great questions centres not on what happens to us, but how we will live in and through whatever happens.  We cannot change most circumstances in our lives.  I am white, middle class, and I have a good education.  I have not always made conscious decisions about these things. Very little of what... Continue Reading →

Death: You Will Die

Death is really important to think about, affecting approximately 100% of humanity.  In the Western world especially, it remains a stunning source of perplexity why so many people in their old age, 70's+ often seem less to contemplate the inevitability of death.  Just recently whilst visiting an elderly sick man in the church, it seemed... Continue Reading →

The Drugged Baby

THE DRUGGED BABY - a poem by Gralefrit The Lord says to me, 'Fight the fight' Give up your right and step into the light. Pick up your cross Lose all that dross Count it all loss Again I say, 'Pick up your cross.' 'But Lord' I stutter, 'there is no way' 'I must speak... Continue Reading →

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