How our assumptions are pervaded

Implicit Parent-Child Model of Authority: Labelling, Stigmatising, & Excluding For our first major point, there is the danger of subconsciously holding to a parent-child model of authority that directly contradicts Mark 10:42-45, a text which indicates that church rulers should not ‘lord it over’ the flock, but become ‘servants’ of the flock. Of course we ‘know all... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Leaders

Having sat under the excellent ministry of Dr David Coffey for a few years, I must say his wealth of wisdom and depth of insight is unsurpassed. There's more. The primary gift of Dr Coffey (UK and world Baptist Supremo - my phrase not his) is in his pastoral integrity and love for the Church... Continue Reading →

Christian Leadership

I have just finished reading a gem of a book I received yesterday (81 pages of large print).  Henri Nouwen In the Name of Jesus, reflects on Christian leadership as he considers his transition from academic teaching to serving with mentally disabled adults.  Here's a snippet towards the end: "The task of future Christian leaders is... Continue Reading →

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