The End of Fear

Though the whole heaven be one eyed with the moon, Though the dead landscape seem a thing possessed, As one that singeth through the flowers of June. Yet I go singing through a land oppressed. * No more, with forrest-fingers crawling free O'er dark flint wall that seems a wall of eyes, Shall evil break... Continue Reading →

The mirth of believers

We live in a broken world, with astonishing levels of violence, rivalry and scapegoating.  And only a fraction of it makes the news. But one of the most counter-intuitive resistances human beings can do, and should do, is to laugh.  Laughter is what makes us human, and since we are all made in God’s image,... Continue Reading →

The incalculable gift of laughter

Below is a wonderful article about laughter, originally published in the Baptist Times. I nearly died laughing! Is there a specifically Christian view of laughter, asks Colin Sedgwick? I read something recently which reduced me to a state of helpless laughter. It was an article in the Church of England newspaper The Church Times (yes,... Continue Reading →

Communion & Discipleship

One of the things that the Reformers wrestled back from the Catholic Church was how to do church!  From complexity to simplicity, from pomposity to humility, from monotone to multi-coloured, from virtual blindness and deafness to 3D vision with surround sound.  The Sacraments took centre stage in the raging debates of the 16th century from... Continue Reading →

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