The King Fisher

I'm sure that at some point in your life you have experienced the flashing brilliance of a Kingfisher. I had my third experience recently and was once again left utterly amazed at the sheer beauty of this momentary experience. There are so many ways we can experience something that takes our breath away. A moment... Continue Reading →

Middle England Jesus

Middle England Jesus   If Jesus were born in England He’d be I think lower middle class Beloved of grass roots politicians But still some crisp sophistication And know when to use a white wine glass He wouldn’t splatter ketchup across his mile high tea He’d know to break, then butter bread And when to... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas!

Below is the script I wrote for BBC Radio Devon Sunday Service for Christmas 2016 (and I stand by every word, and many other words besides!):   I am going to be honest with you this morning. And my honesty may cause concern, relief or perplexity in equal measure….or it may cause hope. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Concerning God’s Promises

  J. John interviewing the brilliant Tom Wright, asks a question from the audience (the Youtube video can be viewed at the end of the post): [Warning:  Long sentence alert]! Question:  "How do you understand the specific scriptures concerning God's promises to the Jewish people today and also concerning the actual land of Israel?" Tom... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Christmas

  Luke 2:7-8  ‘The Smell of Christmas' What is the smell of Christmas to you? For the smell of Christmas, we can only go to certain places in the Bible. We would think the obvious place is the Gospels. Well, Bingo! in Matthew and Luke; But not a wiff in Mark and John.   Maybe... Continue Reading →

Sweeter to your taste

I came across this wonderful reference from a 12th century sermon in the excellent book 'The Art of Reading Scripture', page 208. The quote is by Guerric of Igny, Liturgical sermons, vol. 2, translated by 'Monks of Mount Saint Bernard, CF 32, 1971, page 81. “What I have placed before you brethren, is like an... Continue Reading →

Doormat Theology

Some random aphorist thoughts - the product of walking my dogs!   Grace as ‘Great Riches At Christ’s Expense’ is nearer to pietistic wish-wash rather than ‘God’s holy love hating sin and redeeming it in Christ’s cross, and creating in the penitent sinner new life and moral amendment.’ Though as an acronym the latter is rubbish. Atonement... Continue Reading →

Resurrection Changes Everything

“Resurrection Changes Everything” A Sermon: First Sunday after Easter Luke 23:50-56 & 24:1-12 Resurrection changes everything! Resurrection grabs the attention like nothing else. Resuscitation is possibly good news for a brief time; Resurrection is Good News for eternity. Resuscitation may bring us back to humanity temporarily; Resurrection brings us to God for ever. Resurrection is... Continue Reading →

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