Inspiration of the Bible

My friend Rev’d Dr Daniel Lewis, one of the best teachers of the Bible I have heard, has done a series of short introductions to various aspects of Biblical Studies.  Daniel is much more natural and fluid in a classroom, but these video’s contain the essence of excellent theological truth.

At Last! How to use the word ‘vision’!!!


A friend was inspired by these words today; which in turn inspired me, and I hope will inspire you too!

“Are you attending to your vision? Are you stripping yourself in prayer before the terrible and searching Word of God? Are you being refined in that fire? And am I? Is my vision doing that to me, breaking and remaking my thoughts and words, my heart and mind?

I have no right to destroy your vision, nor you mine. I have no business to devalue your understanding or make light of your struggles, nor you mine. But we have the right – and perhaps the duty – to put the questions to each other.

When all the formulae, all the slogans, all the impassioned, sincere and no doubt inevitable theological disputation is over, then we have to get back on our knees and ask about our own fidelity to God’s questioning, our own readiness to go into the desert when the security of pictures and ideas fades away, where all theologies finally give way to God.”

– Rowan Williams


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