Reduced Laughter: A Review

Reduced Laughter by Revd Dr Helen Paynter. A Review by Richard Matcham   Chapter 1 – Introduction My title:  In Defense of the Comedic Using Private Eye as a great introductory example, one thing is sure – humanity loves humour, and we love humour that subverts the way things are, the high-and-mighty, etc.  The Bible... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day 2016 Turkey                 The Disciples              Sometimes they acted like turkeys; sometimes they spoke like turkeys.  Sometimes they are just like you and me.  We are the type of people God loves; We are the type of people that Jesus came for.   Roast Potatoes                 The Roman Soldiers Their on the plate,... Continue Reading →

Luther Rap

To good not to post! 31st October-Reformation@499 LYRICS: Martin Luther's the name, but don't confuse me with the King I was just a simple man working on my law degree I was on the road home, and what did I see? Thunderbolt of lightning very very frightening me I was terrified, so I prayed to... Continue Reading →

Humanity Complexity

I love this (and almost all the cartoons) by the brilliant Australian cultural critic and cartoonist Michael Leunig. The diagram below looks like a normal day for me.  How about you....?  

A Calvinist arrives at St. Peter’s gates and sees that there are two queues going in.  One is marked “predestined,” and the other is marked “free will.”  Being the card-carrying Calvinist that he is, he strolls on over to the predestined queue.  After several moments an angel asks him, “Why are you in this line?”... Continue Reading →

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