The Span of My Life

"When I consider the span of my life absorbed into the eternity which comes before and after - as the remembrance of a guest that tarrieth but a day - the small space I occupy and which I see swallowed up in the infinite immensity of spaces of which I know nothing and which knows nothing of... Continue Reading →

Outsmarting my Smartphone

I am conducting a self-experiment.  I am going to "boldly go" where a small but increasing number of people are going:  to take a break from a "thing" that makes this life both connected and detached; I'm attempting to outsmart my smartphone. One of my favourite singers, Paulo Nutini, in his great song Coming Up Easy has... Continue Reading →

A Magnificent Flaw

"It is not the gift- and skill-sets – the intelligence and imagination, the range of reading, the elegance and wit – that separate the great theologian from the good one. The difference lies not in the brilliance but the defects. It takes a magnificent flaw to make a great theologian." Kim Fabricius   

Commending ‘The Ghost of Perfection – The Search for Humanity’

My friend Joe Haward published his first book last year called 'The Ghost of Perfection - Searching for Humanity'.  His chapters tackle many issues that are prominent in our Western societies, though certainly not limited to them.  The topics covered are, Mission, Triumphalism, Relationships, Violence, Consumerism, Beauty, Prayer, Trauma and Sex, with a Conclusion entitled Waking Up!  It's certainly... Continue Reading →

The mirth of believers

We live in a broken world, with astonishing levels of violence, rivalry and scapegoating.  And only a fraction of it makes the news. But one of the most counter-intuitive resistances human beings can do, and should do, is to laugh.  Laughter is what makes us human, and since we are all made in God’s image,... Continue Reading →

Clown Europe

Call them what you want, Asylum seeker, migrant, refugee; But see, a face that looks like me. * Watch them flee from land and sea, Shining out from our latest HD TV. Packed in boats and rafts; Longing for half a chance. * Despising even the rank air they breathe. No room to move or... Continue Reading →

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