6. The Fountain Gate

Nehemiah 3:15.  The Fountain Gate is located very close to the Dung Gate at the southernmost point of the wall.  In the spiritual life, the great promise of salvation is intrinsic to getting rid of our sin - or the rubbish that accumulates and hinders our relationship with our Holy God -  and the Dung... Continue Reading →

The Genius of your Church

Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything under the sun. Birth, death, planting, healing, mourning, dancing, etc.   There are times and seasons in our lives, and in the life of our church. There are seasons for this or that. A permanent this or that is never a good idea. For ministry and... Continue Reading →

Poverty of the Holy Spirit

It is true that the doctrine of the Holy Spirit receives less attention than other doctrines.  Historically, the institutional church looked (and still looks) upon the appeal by the masses to the Spirit as potentially subversive and in need of control.  Maybe that's partly why pneumatology is the "odd-ology" (Fabricius). In Faith Seeking Understanding, Daniel Migliore writes,... Continue Reading →

The Holy Spirit

"The Spirit of God has various roles, and it is a mistake to magnify one of these over all the others. The Spirit is active in creation, as is also the Word or Logos. He is at work in revelation, opening our eyes to the significance of what God has accomplished for us in Jesus... Continue Reading →

Blessed Trinity

A Latin hymn from the thirteenth century Come, thou Holy Spirit, come: And from thy celestial home send thy light and brilliancy. Come, thou father of the poor, Come, who givest all our store, Come, the soul's true radiancy. Come, of comforters the best, of the soul the sweetest guest, sweetly and refreshingly. Come in... Continue Reading →

Preach the Word

  What a joy it is to be a preacher!! When the couple started crying half way through the sermon, I thought it was a) a bad joke gone wrong b) the realisation that the sermon was longer than 15 minutes or c) they had heard that we'd ran out of biscuits to go with... Continue Reading →

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