Heart and Mind together

Substituting Indoctrination for Education: Idolatry, Silliness, & Pseudo-Prophecy

We may now turn to our third major danger warning for self-designated traditionalists: the danger of substituting indoctrination for education. We have already noted problems associated with a disguised ‘parent-child’ notion of authority, and with de-relationalisation. Our third area of concern flows out of the substitution of indoctrination for education, and breaks down into three closely related points, as follows.

i) Idolisation of Tradition over Growing in Biblical Understanding

Our first point relates to the idolisation of tradition over and above growing in biblical understanding. Biblically, of course, none of us yet thinks as Jesus thinks, and so we all need to keep being transformed by the renewing of our minds, such that our traditions of interpretation develop towards ‘biblical understanding’.

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To Preach Is To Make War on the Human Heart

hansen“Preachers need more than just a commonsense hermeneutic when they read the Bible for sermon preparation.  They aren’t reading the Bible for themselves or to teach a Bible study.  A sermon is not thoughts about the Bible.  Preachers make war on the human heart.  Preaching hermeneutics prepare a pastor to decay sin, to look into the eyes in the pews and say with Nathan the prophet: “Thou art the Man!””

David Hansen in The Art of Pastoring (p.105)

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