Outsmarting my Smartphone

I am conducting a self-experiment.  I am going to “boldly go” where a small but increasing number of people are going:  to take a break from a “thing” that makes this life both connected and detached; I’m attempting to outsmart my smartphone.

One of my favourite singers, Paulo Nutini, in his great song Coming Up Easy has these words which, although he is talking about the love of his lady (or drugs, according to some), they nevertheless capture my dilemma with the smartphone phenomenon:

“I’m afraid it looks like we’re
Gonna have to go our separate ways.
You see the thing is I love you, I love you
But you see I resent you all the time.”

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Counterfeit Happiness


People want counterfeit forms of “happiness” that do not involve us being confronted with or reformed out of our sins.

We do indeed want to reinvent God after our own image, as though God was indeed a subservient disengaged kindly spoiling senile uncle who both allowed us to continue in our sin, and yet instantly delivered us when this led us into trouble.

We don’t want God’s ethics, but we want a kind of “mob-ethics” or “chav-ethics” where everything centres on our not being stopped from realising our interpretation of our happiness.