The 11th Plague: Pornography

Over the years I have mentored and counselled many young men and older-to-middle-aged men on the addictions they have regarding internet pornography.  I am convinced this has to be at the centre of all discipleship discussions and in no way shirked by ministers and anyone in leadership responsibility. In every case I have assumed it is... Continue Reading →

Some Orthodox Wisdom

The following is a great list to work through with a young in the faith believer; and more to the point, a reminder to the not-so-young in the faith to remember the things that must not be forgotten! No one's perfect, that's why we have grace.  And grace is the dynamic aspect that fuels our... Continue Reading →

Invited Into Christ’s Life

"Although it is commonplace in some circles to talk about "inviting Jesus into your life", it is more appropriate to turn the invitation around the other way because, in fact, it is Jesus who invites us into his life. The essence of the Incarnation is that Jesus has entered into solidarity with humankind in ways... Continue Reading →

The Movements of Sin

"The people encountered in pastoral ministry today are sinners. But they don't look like it, and many of them don't even act like it. They rather look and act and feel like the youth they admire so much, struggling for "identity" and searching for "integrity." A quick theological eye that is able to pick up... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Boy

What joy you gave, from pain so deep; A miracle in progress, a work of art! Flesh of my flesh, not quite but still, You may as well have been. Goodbye my boy! * * * Sometimes a year comes and goes, Lost to the mists of time, forgetful minds and ordinary lives. But 2014... Continue Reading →

Healthy Conflict

Church has always been, and is, and will always be a place of tension, dissension and conflict. Of course, conflict isn't all bad, some is very necessary, but all too often, conflict is done badly - the Old Adam rising to the surface, making demands (without love), speaking the truth (without love), speaking plainly (without love or wisdom)... Continue Reading →

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