Defend & Contend

‘Defend and Contend for the Faith’ Letter of Jude I was wondering if anyone here has heard of The Great Wall of China? Apparently it’s quite a big wall, and famous. Its origins go back to as early as the 7th century BC. The 7th century BC is the era of the Prophet Jeremiah. And... Continue Reading →


I have recently started reading a book by Eastern Orthodox writer G. M. Davis called 'Antichrist - The Fulfillment of Globalization'. It's a chunky thug at nearly 400 pages, and it's so insightful from what I've read so far that it forces me to put the book down for a while to ponder the ramifications... Continue Reading →

The King Fisher

I'm sure that at some point in your life you have experienced the flashing brilliance of a Kingfisher. I had my third experience recently and was once again left utterly amazed at the sheer beauty of this momentary experience. There are so many ways we can experience something that takes our breath away. A moment... Continue Reading →

Going Back to God

The actuality of the Gospel call to repentence is very simple to understand, yet it is often only understood simplistically. There's a lot to say about it as a fact, but that fact has several elements to it, so here's the first one, as I make the distinction between do-ing and being. It is the... Continue Reading →

Touching the Hem

A short devotional reading of Mark 6:53-56 They landed in Gennesaret - on the NW side of Sea of Galilee, just south of Capernaum. This is the historic land allocation of the Tribe of Naphtali. In Deuteronomy (33:23), the blessing of Moses to this tribe reads: “And of Naphtali he said, ‘O Naphtali, sated/abounding with... Continue Reading →

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