Your Death

Death is a natural human fear. A terror of the unknown and we all must face it. None of us chose to be born and none of us can choose whether we die, but die we must. Terror is the right word too. Terror Management Theory reveals some important insights. From a 2015 book entitled... Continue Reading →

10. The Inspection Gate

(Nehemiah 3:31) The Inspection Gate, also called Muster Gate or Miphkad Gate. You may also have a footnote in your Bible that refers to it as Hammiphkad Gate.  Miphkad means ‘counting’ or ‘numbering’ and is the place where the King would inspect his troops, and number them.  Spiritually, this is the gate that signifies that... Continue Reading →

9. The East Gate

(Nehemiah 3:29) The East Gate has several names:  Golden Gate; The Beautiful Gate; or The Gate of Mercy.  This Gate is the closest in proximity to the Temple whereby worshippers would enter bringing their gifts and offerings.  This Gate faces the Mt of Olives, and would have been in direct line of sight when Jesus... Continue Reading →

Defend & Contend

‘Defend and Contend for the Faith’ Letter of Jude I was wondering if anyone here has heard of The Great Wall of China? Apparently it’s quite a big wall, and famous. Its origins go back to as early as the 7th century BC. The 7th century BC is the era of the Prophet Jeremiah. And... Continue Reading →

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