Before My Time

I was recently chatting to someone in my family about various things, and in the course of the conversation they mentioned a singer from the 1950's that they remembered their parents listening to. Now, I forget who the singer was, but when I said I hadn't heard of them, I got the reply, "Oh well... Continue Reading →

God Alone Suffices

Nada te turbe, Let nothing disturb you, nada te espante Let nothing frighten you, todo se pasa, All things pass away: Dios no se muda, God never changes. la paciencia todo lo alcanza, Patience obtains all things quien a Dios tiene He who has God nada le falta Finds he lacks nothing; solo Dios basta.... Continue Reading →

A [possible] Prophetic Word

What follows is a guest post prophetic word by a trusted friend and spiritual guide. The first part sets the context of prophetic ministry in a biblical pattern; and the second part, with Scriptures, is the unfolding and possible Word of God for the Church. The Context: Since the prophetic ministry is one of 'turning'... Continue Reading →

One Step Enough for Me

I am reading John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua, which is to say, as intellectually stimulating as it is and as he is, this Anglican turned Catholic turned recently canonized Saint, is very demanding (thanks Tony)!!! Anyway, I came across a poem he had read after following up on another thing, and came across a... Continue Reading →

The Holy Trinity (pt2)…. Propositions! 1. The Trinity is not an optional doctrine, it is essential. God’s unity is not behind God’s threeness, God’s unity is in God’s threeness. This is not speculative mathematics, it is a descriptive theology of revelation. 2. The Trinity is not an academic doctrine thought up by clever scholars, rather it grew out of the Christian experience of worship, i.e. it expressed the... Continue Reading →

The Holy Trinity (pt1)…. Tweets! I.  HOW TO AVOID TRINITARIAN HERESY #1. Start by abolishing Trinity Sunday, that fateful day on which preachers think they have to explain the Trinity #2. Teach children to make the sign of the cross when they say the words "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" #3. When someone offers to tell you the... Continue Reading →

“Is there a God?” asks Stephen Hawking

Is there a God? asks world famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, Stephen Hawking in his posthumously published book Brief Answers to the Big Questions.  He begins answering it with these words: "Science is increasingly answering questions that used to be the province of religion.  Religion was an early attempt to answer the questions that we... Continue Reading →

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