Recapture Me

Fleeing what I do not know, I flee to where I cannot go.  Recapture me. The bridge between my heart and mind, you come across myself to find. Recapture me. You come and knock on imagination’s door, you come to show to know you; Is what eyes and ears are for. With ears that hear... Continue Reading →

God Alone Suffices

Nada te turbe, Let nothing disturb you, nada te espante Let nothing frighten you, todo se pasa, All things pass away: Dios no se muda, God never changes. la paciencia todo lo alcanza, Patience obtains all things quien a Dios tiene He who has God nada le falta Finds he lacks nothing; solo Dios basta.... Continue Reading →

A Saint, A Wolf & Covid-19

What follows is my extended script for a BBC Radio Devon Pause for Thought planned for Sunday 19th April 2020.  It is a fascinating truth-containing fable of the 13th century involving a famous Saint and an infamous Wolf: St Francis of Assisi and the Wolf During the early 13th century, we meet an extraordinary figure:  ... Continue Reading →

One Step Enough for Me

I am reading John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua, which is to say, as intellectually stimulating as it is and as he is, this Anglican turned Catholic turned recently canonized Saint, is very demanding (thanks Tony)!!! Anyway, I came across a poem he had read after following up on another thing, and came across a... Continue Reading →

Yes to Science; No to Scientism

There is a lot of confusion in the debate between science and religion (I use the term "religion" here as it relates to Christianity). Science is a wonderful, glorious thing.  But scientism is the troll under the bridge that just loves to prance around when it can.  Science is a way of knowing the physical and natural world -... Continue Reading →

P. T. Forsyth a Man of Faith

See the short video (June 2019) on The Fuel Cast, filmed at Torre Abbey ruins, Torquay. Who was P. T. Forsyth? Peter Taylor Forsyth was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on this day in 1848 to a working-class family, and was educated there through his university years.  Afterwards, he became a Congregationalist minister serving in five successive... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah the Man of Faith

See the short video on The Fuel Cast, filmed at Torre Abbey ruins, Torquay. JEREMIAH Jeremiah is a towering figure in the Old Testament at the time of the 7th and 6th  centuries BC.   In many ways, he is the nearest a man can get to chasing after God’s own heart. A phrase commonly associated... Continue Reading →

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