Odd Prophet

Stanley Hauerwas says Walter Breuggemann "has the 'unrelenting realism' that possessed the imagination of the ancient prophets..." In Breuggemann's book 'Reality-Grief-Hope' he proves Hauerwas's words true.  The book explores the crisis that has gripped American culture since the 9-11 attacks.  Although reality, grief and hope are the biblical categories that take communities through disaster (facing... Continue Reading →

Demanding Baal Stewards

After taking a group of budding Bible enthusiasts around the British Museum to look at the Assyrian and Babylonian displays, it becomes apparent that what one is faced with at every turn, is the prevalence, nay, dominance of gods. Dominance in the sense of world-view, and their necessity at every level of society, social, civic,... Continue Reading →

Church in Exile

I guess it should come as no surprise that faith in the secular Western world is maligned, cheaply maligned at that (and most of what passes for faith deserves to be)!  But the more I read Scripture, the more I see what kind of faith God calls people to, and it is very exciting and... Continue Reading →

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