Terror Darkness Waste Murder

"Like a tragedy, [the life and crucifixion of Jesus] stirs up pity and terror in us.  Like a tragedy it requires us to contemplate the world’s darkness.  Like a tragedy, it draws attention to waste.  It shows us a life that need not have been extinguished being extinguished, without particular malice, by the normal processes... Continue Reading →

The End of Fear

Though the whole heaven be one eyed with the moon, Though the dead landscape seem a thing possessed, As one that singeth through the flowers of June. Yet I go singing through a land oppressed. * No more, with forrest-fingers crawling free O'er dark flint wall that seems a wall of eyes, Shall evil break... Continue Reading →

That’s Not Right!

Sermon: September 6, 2020 watch here. “That’s Not Right” Luke 13:1-5 (and 12:54-56; 13:6-9) My first two years of Secondary School were at a Boys Boarding School.  It was also in the days when kids had milk at school.  We had those 1/3 pint bottles.  But sometimes the bottles arrived early and so were left... Continue Reading →

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