Perpetuating prejudice

Abstract Rhetoric: Schism between ‘Biblical Doctrine’ & Biblical Relating Second, I will go further: in my view God is shutting down many churches because the religion is pervaded by ‘system’ and not ‘relational wisdom’. In one church it is the other way around, and it is growing. It is built on a social trinitarian model of God and... Continue Reading →

Exegetical dangers

 ‘De-Relationalisation’: Abstract Rhetoric & Rule-Based Religion Vs Wisdom For our second point, there is the danger of what I have called ‘de-relationalisation’. I’m sorry to use this awkward word, but I can’t think of a better word for the problem. In short, the legacy of Western thinking has meant that biblical exegesis in traditional circles has... Continue Reading →

The Holy Trinity (pt2)…. Propositions! 1. The Trinity is not an optional doctrine, it is essential. God’s unity is not behind God’s threeness, God’s unity is in God’s threeness. This is not speculative mathematics, it is a descriptive theology of revelation. 2. The Trinity is not an academic doctrine thought up by clever scholars, rather it grew out of the Christian experience of worship, i.e. it expressed the... Continue Reading →

The Holy Trinity (pt1)…. Tweets! I.  HOW TO AVOID TRINITARIAN HERESY #1. Start by abolishing Trinity Sunday, that fateful day on which preachers think they have to explain the Trinity #2. Teach children to make the sign of the cross when they say the words "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" #3. When someone offers to tell you the... Continue Reading →

Right Pitching in Preaching

"I remember one minister for education urging that ‘Britain was the only nation on earth where cleverness was despised’. In other European countries, for example France and Germany, cleverness is sought after and prized. The glorification of educational backwardness, then, is part of a localised British decadence or hedonism that is inconsistent with biblical Christianity.... Continue Reading →

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