Monkey Mind

Does your mind leap from one thing to another? Has your mind made yet another leap since you started reading? Have you often found yourself restless in prayer? Not quite like going cold-turkey from a busy life, but not far off either!   Is it a triumph when concentration exceeds 20 seconds? Do the thoughts... Continue Reading →

How do you pray?

Martin Luther was taking a break from the Reformation (like you do) and decided to get his hair cut.  His barber asked him a question whilst he sat there under the blade, "How do you pray?"  - the great reformer wrote a forty page response to his 'lowly' questioner. Here's a snippet: "A good clever... Continue Reading →


Distracted! Not attracted, distracted!! Ah!  These modern days, we're so busy. We distract ourselves with microchip and 4G; We always think it's all about me. I'm multi-tasking; I'm so modern. That flicker of light, our mobile we delight!   We pick up up everything, Before us, and in us. We reach, we pick up, we....distract... Continue Reading →

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