You are Called to Greatness

Called to Greatness: Is. 40:28-31; John 6:66 It is so easy for my life to be consumed by triviality, pettiness and banality. Do you know what I mean? I don’t want my life to meander along in a predictable, mundane fashion. It’s not that I’m looking for the novelty of experiential excitement:  As an end... Continue Reading →

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That’s Not Right!

Sermon: September 6, 2020 watch here. “That’s Not Right” Luke 13:1-5 (and 12:54-56; 13:6-9) My first two years of Secondary School were at a Boys Boarding School.  It was also in the days when kids had milk at school.  We had those 1/3 pint bottles.  But sometimes the bottles arrived early and so were left... Continue Reading →

Transfigured Love

"I must learn in this life to accept the fact that hunger and restlessness are part of what I am made for.  To love God is not to acquire the biggest and best gratification of all but to have my whole experience of love transfigured. Instead of the manic struggle to fill the gap in... Continue Reading →

Meeting Michael Card

What a treat it was for me. Last week, Michael Card performed a concert in Paignton, on his only stop in the South West.  Michael is for me, as I know he is for so many others, a shaper and discipler in the Christian faith.   Michael's 29 songs in 'The Life' - an account... Continue Reading →

Extreme Metaphor: Salt and Dung

Luke 14:34-35   Salt and Vinegar;             Sea salt;                     Salted peanuts; Salt and pepper;              Bath salt;                   Salted babies; Ready salted;                    Table salt;                 Salted Pringles; Salt tablets;                        Salted slugs;             Salted dung; Saltless salt.                       Salted speech;         Road salt;   Salt is an amazing thing.  Very important to the... Continue Reading →


The first thing and the last thing that Jesus said to Peter was the same—“Follow me!” The first occasion was when Peter and his brother were casting a net into the Galilean Lake. Jesus passed by and called out, “Follow me, and I will teach you to fish for men” (Mk. 1: 16-18). Peter quickly... Continue Reading →

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