A Communion Liturgy

Below is a most wonderful Communion Service on the Ben Myers blog faith and theology, written by Kim Fabricius. Service of Holy Communion THE INVITATION Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? You’ve come to the right place! There is plenty of room at this table. It’s not full until all kinds of people are here:... Continue Reading →

Communion: A Table Liturgy

“Whether Prince or pauper, commoner or King, wealthy or poor, foolish or wise, lost or found, young or old, man or woman, sinner or saint, Conservative or Labour, despairing or hopeful, healthy or unhealthy, rested or tired, faithful or unfaithful, hungry or full, grumpy or happy, doubting or sure, successful or failure: Come to this... Continue Reading →

Communion & Discipleship

One of the things that the Reformers wrestled back from the Catholic Church was how to do church!  From complexity to simplicity, from pomposity to humility, from monotone to multi-coloured, from virtual blindness and deafness to 3D vision with surround sound.  The Sacraments took centre stage in the raging debates of the 16th century from... Continue Reading →

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