I bumped into a JW…..

.....and it didn't hurt.  They were a trio of lovely people.  One of whom I had met several times until, I suspect, she (a 70+ Italian living in England) was banned from visiting me; I can only assume that was the case, since her frequent visits stopped so suddenly.  It may have been my poor... Continue Reading →

Atheists Take Note (this Easter)…

Top 10 tips for atheists this Easter This is a re-post of Dr John Dickson's excellent challenge to Atheists to up their game in their critique of Christianity: There is a dissonance between Christ's "love your enemies" and Moses' "slay the wicked". Atheists should drop their easily dismissed scientific, philosophical or historical arguments against Christianity,... Continue Reading →

What Exactly is a Saint?

Church history is fascinating and studying it is essential. Some people will have stopped reading already, well boo to them because Church History guards us today against making mistakes that, wait for it, have already been made!   The person who doesn't read history, will likely dismiss history as irrelevant or romanticize it to the degree... Continue Reading →

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