It’s Christmas!

Below is the script I wrote for BBC Radio Devon Sunday Service for Christmas 2016 (and I stand by every word, and many other words besides!):   I am going to be honest with you this morning. And my honesty may cause concern, relief or perplexity in equal measure….or it may cause hope. I don’t... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day 2016 Turkey                 The Disciples              Sometimes they acted like turkeys; sometimes they spoke like turkeys.  Sometimes they are just like you and me.  We are the type of people God loves; We are the type of people that Jesus came for.   Roast Potatoes                 The Roman Soldiers Their on the plate,... Continue Reading →

Die sin must or God

Christmas isn't usually the time to talk about evil, or of Satan's ultimate destruction, but that is precisely what Christmas, the coming of God in Christ, means.  Evil encompases all the chaos and dysfunction in the world, all the rebellion against God; and God's salvation means an end to all that, and the return to... Continue Reading →

Ironies of the Nativity

A short reflection used throughout a candlit carol service at church.  Ironies of the Nativity in Matthew 2 2:1 “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea…” Bethlehem. The ancestral birth place of the Great King David, through whose line the promised Messiah would come. So Jesus was born of a royal human line... Continue Reading →

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