Oi, Ricky, No!

I recently had a brief chat with a chap about “religion” - which even though I am a church pastor, doesn’t happen very often!  Not like this anyway. In the course of the conversation we talked about a theological book I was carrying, and he commented that the book will have “religious bias”, and that,... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas!

Below is the script I wrote for BBC Radio Devon Sunday Service for Christmas 2016 (and I stand by every word, and many other words besides!):   I am going to be honest with you this morning. And my honesty may cause concern, relief or perplexity in equal measure….or it may cause hope. I don’t... Continue Reading →

The strangeness of it all

As I continue my reading journey into the rich and beguilingly complex tradition of Christian theology, I see more and more the inane 'meh-nes' of the challenge.  It's not that I have a silly mentality that says "I have it right and you have it wrong", irrespective of the facts or the evidence; it's just... Continue Reading →

Lemonade-Twaddle Christianity

"The sort of [person] who now live cannot stand anything so strong as the Christianity of the New Testament (they would die of it or lose their minds), just in the same sense that children cannot stand strong drink, for which reason we prepare them a little lemonade - and official Christianity is lemonade-twaddle for... Continue Reading →

Captured by Love

This wonderful "Confession of Faith" can be found here at Michael Hardin's 'Preaching Peace' website. We confess we have been captured by love – the constant source of the universe, Father, Son and Holy Spirit Jesus has captured us for freedom. In his truly human life he was God among us, crucified by us. God... Continue Reading →

Take Me To Church

My youngest son (17) brought me a CD for my birthday recently (a minor miracle in its own right), and was very interested to know my thoughts on the song 'Take Me To Church' by Andrew Hozier (aka Hozier). I was very impressed with the CD overall, the thoughful lyrics and quality of music (I... Continue Reading →

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