The Flying Spagetti Monster

Guest Post by Dr David Matcham The Risky Leap of Faith into the Unknown One of the common arguments wheeled out against religious belief by those of the scientific positivist mould is that religious belief is opposed to scientific evidence, that, indeed, “faith” is an essentially anti-rational adherence to that which is believed in the... Continue Reading →

The Visitor and Inquisitor

One day, Jesus comes back.  He wanders through the streets and squares of a southern town, where just the day before 100 so-caleld heretics had been burnt at the stake.  The story-teller narrates, 'He appeared quietly, unostentatiously, and yet - strange, this - everyone recognizes him.  Saying nothing, he passes among them with a smile... Continue Reading →

The Rise and Fall of God

Ascension Day: ‘The Rise and Fall of God’ Luke 24:36-53 (Acts 1:4-11) Ascension Day! I know, I know, most of us are like: Say that again! Most of us who have been Christians for some time now and heard of this strange thing called ‘The Ascension of Jesus,’ but, if truth be told, we treat it like... Continue Reading →

Christianity Builds Me

Guest post by Dr Rob Knowles: How is belief related to desire? "We may indeed want to believe in something, and therefore believe in it. Thus, for example, we want to think that we are good, righteous, not that bad, better than average, not as bad as so and so, morally more advanced than Daily... Continue Reading →

A Short Treatise on Temptation

This is a guest post by my bro David Matcham on the nature of Temptation. Temptation: How are we to understand the biblical concept of temptation? Is there such a thing as a Biblical concept of temptation? How does temptation manifest itself in and through the Biblical text. The primary source of information in the... Continue Reading →

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