Monkey Mind

Does your mind leap from one thing to another? Has your mind made yet another leap since you started reading? Have you often found yourself restless in prayer? Not quite like going cold-turkey from a busy life, but not far off either!   Is it a triumph when concentration exceeds 20 seconds? Do the thoughts... Continue Reading →

Apocalyptic Imagination

The apocalyptic imagination Eugene Peterson talks of gives us a sense of 'deep time' - a sense of 'ages' that transcends the compulsion of time-management experts.  But the working environment of pastors erodes patience and rewards impatience.  People are uncomfortable with mystery (God) and mess (themselves).  They avoid both mystery and mess by devising programs... Continue Reading →

You’re Too Busy To Read This

If you're busy and you know it clap your hands....Now get back to work you slacker! We are all suffering from the disease - the dis-ease - of of what someone has called "hurry sickness."  We glory in telling others how busy we are, we justify our Sabbaths and relaxation with movement and activity just... Continue Reading →

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