Christianity & Psychotherapy

After listening to a great article of Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' and the discussion about the relationship between 'religion and psychotherapy' (read: Christianity & psychotherapy), I have transcribed a four minute interview with a Christian Psychotherapist, Tony Yates of Cornerstone, that takes place about half way through the program.  The questions are asked by the... Continue Reading →

Angry at God

Have you ever wanted to shake your fist in the face of God? Have you ever read the story of the ancient Israelites and wondered why on earth they were such a dopey bunch of failures? Have you ever read the Psalms and wondered why so many of them seem so angry, so confused, so... Continue Reading →

Philippino Storm: Act of God?

            The Philippine's is a place of geographical, political, fiscal and meteorological interest.  It has a vast population of very poor people, scrounging out a living on the metaphorical "dollar-a-day" bull-shit cited by utopian inspired Westerners trying to do a good thing. What if the crappy excuses for homes that... Continue Reading →

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