6. The Fountain Gate

Nehemiah 3:15.  The Fountain Gate is located very close to the Dung Gate at the southernmost point of the wall.  In the spiritual life, the great promise of salvation is intrinsic to getting rid of our sin - or the rubbish that accumulates and hinders our relationship with our Holy God -  and the Dung... Continue Reading →

5. The Dung Gate

Nehemiah 3:14. When a person has been through the valley of the shadow of death, or in some other way, experienced a season of being in the valley of the dark night of the soul, there will be a sense that God has sharpened, or pruned or weaned us off what was either sinful or... Continue Reading →

4. The Valley Gate

Nehemiah 3:13 Moving on from the Old Gate, we come to the Valley Gate, which is located at the “pinch point” of the Old City walls, with the Water Gate being directly opposite it. Once we have learned that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd (Sheep Gate) and the Saviour of the world to whom... Continue Reading →

3. The Old Gate

Nehemiah 3:6-12 The Old Gate can speak of spiritual realities in two distinctive directions: The Old Gate symbolises the old ways of the faith that God has already revealed.  In order to be mastered by Christ, by repentant faith, we also learn the old faith from those who have been mastered by him.  “Thus says... Continue Reading →

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