What was God to do?

Some exquisiteness from the magnificent 'On the Incarnation' by St. Athanasius (298-373 AD) (Kindle Edition)!  My title 'What was God to do?' comes from a repeated question Athanasius asks in this chapter. Chapter III: The Divine Dilemma and its solution in the Incarnation - (continued) (11)  "When God the Almighty was making mankind through His... Continue Reading →

Die sin must or God

Christmas isn't usually the time to talk about evil, or of Satan's ultimate destruction, but that is precisely what Christmas, the coming of God in Christ, means.  Evil encompases all the chaos and dysfunction in the world, all the rebellion against God; and God's salvation means an end to all that, and the return to... Continue Reading →

God is for us

"If we fix our eyes upon the place where the course of the world reaches its lowest point, where its vanity is unmistakable, where its groanings are most bitter and the divine incognito most impenetrable, we shall encounter there - Jesus Christ. . . The transformation of all things occurs where the riddle of human... Continue Reading →

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