Trinitarian Relating

Guest post by Theologian Dr Rob Knowles, responding to questions in a Theology Group from 2014. This post explores the problem of polarized debates and how to avoid them. First, regarding the description of your stance within the church, then it is clear that you rightly wish to avoid the problem of polarized debates and... Continue Reading →

Infantilism Evangelism

The following is an excerpt from Dr Robert Knowles' newly released book 'Relating Faith - Modelling Biblical Christianity in Church and World'. Much of what the Church does for evangelism isn't.  It thinks it is because it is locked in to a way of doing that ignores content and context.  In other words, relational wisdom... Continue Reading →

Stop Forcing Me To Do Evangelism!

Christians should be encouraged in their gifts and then their “evangelism” as it happens naturally in the lives, their circles of influence, etc, would become a joy and not a burden.  It would be natural, not forced.  I’m afraid the office of “evangelist” has got bad press down the years, and from what I’ve often seen, rightly... Continue Reading →

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