What is Prophecy?

Guest Post by Theologian Dr Rob Knowles in response to a question about prophecy, what it is and how it functions, and the roll of Scripture within it... 1. I have spent many years in the thinking of Anthony Thiselton, and so am very interested by his views, not least on prophecy (note the spelling... Continue Reading →


I have recently started reading a book by Eastern Orthodox writer G. M. Davis called 'Antichrist - The Fulfillment of Globalization'. It's a chunky thug at nearly 400 pages, and it's so insightful from what I've read so far that it forces me to put the book down for a while to ponder the ramifications... Continue Reading →

A [possible] Prophetic Word

What follows is a guest post prophetic word by a trusted friend and spiritual guide. The first part sets the context of prophetic ministry in a biblical pattern; and the second part, with Scriptures, is the unfolding and possible Word of God for the Church. The Context: Since the prophetic ministry is one of 'turning'... Continue Reading →

The notion of “prophecy”

"The notion of "prophecy," as this is understood by various generations of readers (1 Thess 5:19) does not accord with a widespread and popular view today.  Many today regard this in either of two ways which partly diverge from mainline tradition.  Some regard prophecy primarily as predictions of the future; others adopt the classical Pentecostal... Continue Reading →

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