The Daily Slaughter

550 so secret, so nifty, Per day in the UK? Yeah I suppose, is that OK? Never heard, never seen; But Oh my God, those called into being but have never been. My body, my choice; Their body, no choice. The human is sacred, So why do we degrade it? We think we’re just material... Continue Reading →

Recapture Me

Fleeing what I do not know, I flee to where I cannot go.  Recapture me. The bridge between my heart and mind, you come across myself to find. Recapture me. You come and knock on imagination’s door, you come to show to know you; Is what eyes and ears are for. With ears that hear... Continue Reading →


“PITY THE NATION” a Poem by Lawrence Ferlingetti Pity the nation whose people are sheepAnd whose shepherds mislead them Pity the nation whose leaders are liarsWhose sages are silencedAnd whose bigots haunt the airwaves Pity the nation that raises not its voiceExcept to praise conquerorsAnd acclaim the bully as heroAnd aims to rule the worldBy... Continue Reading →

The End of Fear

Though the whole heaven be one eyed with the moon, Though the dead landscape seem a thing possessed, As one that singeth through the flowers of June. Yet I go singing through a land oppressed. * No more, with forrest-fingers crawling free O'er dark flint wall that seems a wall of eyes, Shall evil break... Continue Reading →

A Psalm: The Lockdown of Covid

Psalm 137 Covid Version: In the lockdown of Covid, Indoors we stayed, and wept, When we remembered friends, family, sanity and jobs. In the churches we silenced our tongues, and muzzled our faces, For the Government required of us fearful obeisance to the gods of bureaucratic scientism & the spin of half-truths. Why should we... Continue Reading →

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One Step Enough for Me

I am reading John Henry Newman's Apologia Pro Vita Sua, which is to say, as intellectually stimulating as it is and as he is, this Anglican turned Catholic turned recently canonized Saint, is very demanding (thanks Tony)!!! Anyway, I came across a poem he had read after following up on another thing, and came across a... Continue Reading →

The Donkey

A great little poem from the perspective of the donkey by the gentle giant that was G. K. Chesterton.  Just right for Palm Sunday! The Donkey When fishes flew and forests walked    And figs grew upon thorn, Some moment when the moon was blood    Then surely I was born. * With monstrous head and sickening... Continue Reading →

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