A Mission Memory

Nineteen years ago I was in Zimbabwe on a two-month Youth With A Mission (YWAM) outreach, out of The King's Lodge training base in Nuneaton.  This was with my wife and three young children (6, 5, 2), and nineteen other people (adults and children). This was my first experience of cross-cultural mission and ministry outside... Continue Reading →

We Ten Went

A year later reflecting on the mission trip to Cambodia. Alert:  Random thoughts coming up! I am amazed at the missional mindset of so many people at church.  The willingness to either go or, if not go, then support those who go in prayer and financial generosity. The link with Cambodia came through a tenuous... Continue Reading →

Phenomenal Penh

Here's my brief write up for the Baptist Times on the mission to Cambodia we experienced in November 2015.... From Torquay to Cambodia Barton Baptist Church recently undertook a mission trip to Cambodia, involving the whole church. Minister Richard Matcham reflects It is an incredible thing to attempt a full-scale mission trip that includes the... Continue Reading →

Mission and Bosch

Below is a brief refelction I wrote a few years ago of David Bosch's outstanding Transforming Mission - paradigm shifts in theology of mission. Bosch's work has been given the highest praise, with such eloquent descriptions as immense, great, comprehensive, magnum opus, summa missiologica and magisterial, among others, for his book Transforming Mission.  This is... Continue Reading →

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