Your Death

Death is a natural human fear. A terror of the unknown and we all must face it. None of us chose to be born and none of us can choose whether we die, but die we must. Terror is the right word too. Terror Management Theory reveals some important insights. From a 2015 book entitled... Continue Reading →

The People of God

Sunday morning church services always produce the usual eclectic gathering of people.  It was a moment in time for me, a realisation of a greater reality whereby I glimpsed something of God, something of heaven in the strangeness of "God's people." First there is Catholic lady who always comes to our local Baptist church.  Always... Continue Reading →

Relating Faith – a book recommendation

Gralefrit is so thrilled that this long-awaited book has finally been released and I commend it whole-heartedly.  To quote the blurb on the back cover, Relating Faith - modelling Biblical Christianity in Church and World is a "stimulating book [that] contains a selection of reflections that aim to encourage us to approach issues in the... Continue Reading →


We should think rightly about the way we relate to our material possessions.  We are stewards, looking after things in trust, enjoying but not owning.  Obviously this is easier in theory than practice.  But it is a good thing to remind ourselves that all these good things actually belong to God and not to me.... Continue Reading →


"What science will ever be able to reveal to man the origin, nature and character of that conscious power to will and to love which constitutes his life?  It is certainly not our effort, not the effort of anyone around us, which set that current in motion.  And it is certainly not our solicitude, not... Continue Reading →

A Life of Critical Challenge

Dr Rob Knowles writes on the critical imperative of making ourselves open to challenge and thus prepared to live our lives in the central room, a centre that governs and shapes all thought, motives and views under the authority of God's Word. Communion and Criticism: Openness to Challenge by the Real In a postmodern world,... Continue Reading →

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